Gary Luttrell Photography is a household name in our area for professional photography.

Photographer Gary Luttrell, who has 38 years of experience in designer portrait work, is known for his talented vision behind the camera, creating portraits with aesthetic lighting and artistic posing.

One of the hallmarks of his work is the dedication to capturing the images customers really want, using pre-session consultations and extensive planning. This results in garnering portraits that both reflect cherished moments in time and are themselves a work of art.

He has recently added additional staff to his photography business to accommodate its expanding client base and to give customers the best experience in the photographic industry.  All the photographers and finishing artists involved in the business are geared toward providing clients with more variety, more products and more options.

State-of-the-art equipment, software and continuing education keep all the Gary Luttrell Photography staff on the cutting edge for babies, children, high school seniors and family portraits, wedding photography, business portraits and commercial photography.


Please call us at (618) 277-3686 or email us at concerning any questions or requests.